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Is it safe to travel while pregnant? It is a consultation that many doctors receive in their medical practices, so don’t worry, you are not the first person to wonder how it is traveling pregnant, what the limitations are, and how best to adapt a trip to this new state you are in. 

Doubts about the safety of facing certain journeys during pregnancy are natural. In this article, we will try to solve them, always within our possibilities. Let’s start!


Is it safe to fly while pregnant?


We could think about this question a lot, but the only valid answer is yes unless your doctor tells you otherwise. 

We can tell you that in a standard pregnancy with no special complications, there are few restrictions for women. However, if nausea and vomiting occur frequently during the first months, perhaps, in those cases it is advisable to rest and wait until everything is stabilized. 

Therefore, our advice is not to rule out any plan in advance, consult with your doctor before making a decision.


Tips for traveling while pregnant by plane


If you decide to travel while pregnant on Ryanair, EasyJet, Delta, American Airlines or any other company, we recommend that you take note of these tips: 


  • Don’t be afraid to go through the metal detector, it’s not dangerous for the fetus. 


  • Try sitting in the hallway. That way you can get up regularly and comfortably to walk around for a few minutes. 


  • Check with the airline you are planning to travel with to see what their policy is on pregnant women. Most of them do not accept travelers beyond the 36th week of pregnancy due to the risk of them going into labor during the flight. 


  • Some companies also require a medical certificate to ensure that the pregnancy goes smoothly. 


Beyond this – and your doctor’s indications – there is no reason to be afraid of flying while you are pregnant. It is a more suitable means of transport than the boat because of the possibility of suffering from dizziness; or the bus because of the discomfort and the usual lack of toilets. 


How long can a pregnant woman travel?

As Dr. Sofia Fournier states, the best time to travel while pregnant is between 14 and 32 weeks of gestation. During this phase, nausea and dizziness, which are common in the first months, usually disappear, while the delivery date is still far away. 


Where to travel while pregnant?


The destination of your adventure is another thing to consider when organizing a trip when you are pregnant

Traveling pregnant to Thailand is not the same as traveling pregnant to New York due to too many reasons. 

In general, tropical countries, as well as all those where diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, or zika are widespread, are not the most advisable option for a pregnant woman. 

To provide this information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a travel recommendations section on its website. They are organized by country and include this type of relevant information for pregnant women. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you realize that you can usually travel while pregnant. Always use caution and follow your doctor’s instructions, but there’s no reason to set limits on yourself!


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