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Entertaining children while work from home is not an easy task. The dedication and concentration required by professional activities are sometimes difficult to mix with young children who demand the attention of their parents. The organization, patience, and especially perseverance are very important to manage this situation.

We know that this situation requires an extra effort as a parent, so first of all, we want to propose a series of activities for children that will allow them to have fun and make the most of their time. Take note!


The best activities for children without leaving home


Encourages your imagination


New technologies make us lose perspective sometimes – there are many alternatives to them!


For example, you can challenge him to complete a story. Take a notebook, write down the beginning of the story and let your child complete it with everything that flows from his young mind at the boil. 


Another recommended activity for children is to give them a notebook and paints to make their first works of art, you may find that you have an artist at home!


Learn and be entertained


The fact that there are alternatives to the new technologies does not mean that they should be denied. They are a wonderful tool that can become an activity for children that is as entertaining as educational. 


For example, there are many YouTubers dedicated to the dissemination and reinforcement of school subjects. In many cases, they are professional teachers who even solve the most frequent doubts of their followers. A private teacher at the click of a button!


The wonderful world of reading!


Any reader who dived into that world at an early age knows that he will never have fun in the same way as in childhood. Diving into fantasy worlds, traveling, and discovering new places for the first time, will hook any child if the right books are chosen.


Let him select his first work himself or take some time to select the ones you consider most appropriate for his age. Here you will find some inspiration.  (Link to English version)


Board Games


Board games are another classic entertainment that does not go out of fashion. If you have more than one child, they are a fantastic alternative, there are games for all likes!


Puzzles and construction games


Who hasn’t enjoyed riding a Lego or solving a puzzle as a child and not so young?


They are usually sold by age and are one of the most suitable activities for children. They will allow you to guide them briefly and keep them entertained while you continue working from home. 


Educational apps


In the same way, there are successful YouTubers dedicated to the education sector, there are also many applications specific to this sector. They are ideal for reviewing the contents of school subjects at all levels in a different way. 


Sport at home?


Many times we think that to practice sports it is necessary and mandatory to leave home. It is probably ideal, but that does not mean that you should give up doing it when circumstances force you to stay undercover. 


A yoga mat (along with a little imagination) can be more than enough for this. Here are some examples!


Cooking as a family!


This is another ideal activity to do with the children of the house. Besides entertaining them, it will help them to become familiar with all kinds of food and to develop their organizational skills, their imagination. Who knows? Maybe you will discover your vocation and have a chef at home!


And if none of this works… collaborating with housework is also an option for some children depending on their age! 


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