The coronavirus pandemic has been an earthquake to our way of life. For three months, we have incorporated new habits into our daily lives, new ways of relating to each other that will persist despite the arrival of the New Normal.

The stress, anxiety, and uncertainty caused by the virus can cause instability, both emotionally and psychologically in anyone. This is also true for children who are unable to understand why their routine has changed so abruptly in many cases. 

In this article, we will try to answer one of the most frequent questions during the New Normal, how is it advisable to proceed to prevent this tidal wave from affecting our children? 

We have summarized all the information we want to convey in seven practical tips for the New Normal. Take note!


Don’t hide information

Remember: they are small, but they understand everything. Lying to them or hiding part of the truth from them will not make them happier; on the contrary, it will prevent them from fully understanding the reasons for what they are experiencing. 

It is advisable to adapt the harshness of the message to the age of the recipient, but only with a global vision of the situation, the children will be able to be aware of the importance of complying with the rules of hygiene, thus, it may reduce the risk of contagion. 

Help them express their feelings

Let them not be left in doubt, let them express their fear or their misunderstanding. Try to encourage a fluid communication channel with your children to make them feel comfortable in expressing what they feel naturally. 

Control your own emotions

For your little ones, you are one of their great references. If they notice your restlessness, your nerves about the situation, they will suffer too. Thus, your children’s moods are primarily based on your emotional control. 

Funny games… with social distance!

It’s hard to get children to keep the social distance from each other, but if we suggest some funny games – such as hide-and-seek or any board game, everything will be much easier. 

Screens? Yes, but…

Tablet, video consoles, social networks… are nothing negative by themselves, but we have to keep in mind that their abuse can lead to various problems. Therefore, it is advisable to regulate the daily time they can spend on it. 

Establish a new routine…

Routine is the key for children, and adults too! It’s normal for your children – with school and their extracurricular activities – to have a steady schedule, at least during the week. 

Try to maintain that habit with the New Normal as much as possible, there is time for learning, food, leisure, or family every day. 

… that includes exercise

And also sport! There are hundreds of choices, even within the house, that will allow you to do so. The importance of exercise for children, both physically and psychologically, is immense. 


Adapting children to the New Normal does not have to be a complicated process, but it requires tact, patience, and a lot of love. Trust you, we’re sure you’ll do it great!



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